Make a Bee Hotel

Give those powerful pollinators a cute vacation spot with an easy homemade nest.

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Welcome Home, Busy Bees!

A nesting box for bees will encourage solitary bees to come into the garden and stay to pollinate crops and flowers. You will need: a small terra-cotta or plastic pot/bamboo canes (if you don't have the real thing, you can get these at craft stores)/modeling clay/raffia or string and a pair of clippers.

Step 1: Cut Bamboo Stems in Short, Even Lengths

Use sharp pruners to cut short pieces of bamboo stalks in short equal lengths.

Step 2: Fill Pot with Clay and Cut Bamboo Stems

Fill base of small terra-cotta pot with thick layer of modeling clay. Push the cut stems of bamboo into clay until they are packed in tightly.

Step 3: Stuff Gaps Between Bamboo Stems with Moss

Stuff gaps around bamboo stalks with bits of dried moss to hold them firmly into place. Keep stems pointing down to avoid rainwater.

Step 4: Tie and Secure Raffia and Hang

Tie raffia loosely around pot and push upward until the pot widens and raffia tightens. Your bee hotel is now ready to hang!

Not Sure If Your Garden Is Bee-Friendly?

The bee house will work best if it is placed near plants that are high in nectar.

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