Try Planting These Potato Varieties

Despite their sizable root systems, potatoes are relatively easy to grow in pots.

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©2011, Dorling Kindersley Limited

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'Red Duke of York'

This potato with eye-catching red skin has oval-shaped tubers and creamy-white flesh. It's good for baking.

Foremost Potato Variety Often Used for Salads

The 'Foremost' produces neat, round tubers with yellow skins and firm, white flesh. Use as a new or salad potato.

Accent Early Potato Great for Boiling

The 'Accent' is great for boiling. This early potato has oval tubers with pale yellow skins and flesh. This variety is also slug resistant.

Belle de Fontenay Produces Waxy Flesh Potato

The 'Belle de Fontenay' produces small, yellow, kidney-shaped tubers with waxy flesh. It's a salad potato that stores well.

Pink Fir Apple Potato Features Knobby Tubers

These potatoes are impossible to peel so it's best just to scrub them. They are delicous cold in salads.

French Ratte Potato Variety Eaten Hot or Cold

The 'Ratte' variety potato can be eaten hot or cold. It has a nutty taste and has a smooth texture.

Charlotte High Yielding Salad Potato

Great for potato salads, the Charlotte variety is great tasting with slender tubers and firm, creamy-yellow flesh.

Rich Tasting Buttery Flavored Yukon Gold Potato

The Yukon Gold is a popular variety for its rich, buttery flavor. It is a large, yellow-skinned potato that's perfect for baking or frying.

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