A Guide to Microgreens

Use this simple guide to help you select the best crops for your garden and containers.
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Large plants of jagged-edged leaves with a delicate mustard flavor are easy to grow from summer sowings, and are delicious in stir-fries. Spring sowings tend to bolt, so are better cropped as baby leaves for salads.


Easy and quick to grow, with an irresistible buttery, spicy flavor, this is a great crop for beginners. Sow successionally for a continuous supply and keep well watered, since plants run to seed rapidly in dry conditions.

Wild Arugula

A tough, perennial plant that produces slim, indented leaves with a strong peppery taste that packs a punch in salads. Will often overwinter with no protection, but can become bitter in dry soil.

New Zealand Spinach

This tender summer crop, with unusual pointed, deep green foliage, is tolerant of dry conditions and stays looking good in intense sun where other leaf vegetables may wilt. It has a mild spinach-like taste.

Bok Choy

Essential for stir-fries and steaming, these elegant plants have glossy, spoon-shaped leaves on thick, juicy stems. It is prone to bolting from early sowings, so unless baby leaves are needed, sow throughout summer.

Chard ‘Lucullus’

Decorative and delicious, this chard rapidly produces generous crops of big, shiny leaves on sturdy, white stems. Larger leaves can be boiled, steamed, or stir-fried, while baby leaves look good in salads.

Chard ‘Bright Yellow’

The vibrant yellow stems of this chard will add a bold splash of color to a container display. Sown in late summer, these sturdy plants will stand a mild winter and go on to produce a welcome early spring crop.


Flat heads of frizzy, crisp, bright green leaves make an attractive display in containers and a choice late salad crop. They can be blanched by excluding light before harvesting to produce paler, sweeter leaves.

Chicory ‘Red Rib’

Closely related to the dandelion, this chicory is not fussy about its growing conditions and reliably produces an abundance of slightly bitter leaves with pretty red midribs that add a decorative touch to salads.

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