Types of Roses for Mixed Beds

Bold, beautiful roses brighten up a mixed bed. These types are safe to position next to other plants and grow well in most gardens.

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Baby Love Rose

Baby love is a dwarf modern bush rose with small bright-yellow flowers. Excellent for the front of a border or as a large hedge.

Ballerina Beauty

The ballerina is a compact shrub rose with multiple clusters of single, pale pink flowers with white centers.

Bonica Groundcover

The bonica is a low shrub rose, excellent for ground cover. It has a long flowering season followed by bright red hips.

Rugosa Rose

This rugosa rose with wrinkled leaves provides flowers almost continuously until late fall.

Madame Hardy

Madame Hardy is a vigorous Damask rose with dark green leaves and fully-double, scented, white blooms, each with a distinctive green eye.

Constance Spry

A vigorous, sprawling shrub rose that needs hard pruning or training as a climber. It provides large, myrrh-scented pink flowers.

Old Fashioned Beauty

The complicata rose is perfect for wilder informal gardens. Cascades of open, pink flowers adorn the shrub.

Charles De Mills

Suitable for hedging at the back of a border. An upright Gallica rose with large, fully double, magenta-pink flowers.

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