Spring Awakening: Forsythia

This flowering shrub is synonymous with the renewed promise of spring.

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Golden Forsythia

Forsythia is a deciduous shrub with golden yellow flowers in early to mid-spring, before leaves appear.

White Forsythia Fragrant Blooms Against Sunny Wall

In early spring, White Forsythia produces clusters of fragrant, white blooms. A secret of this shrub is that it flowers more freely when grown against a sunny wall. Its dark green leaves turn a showy purple in the fall.

Early Spring Blooms Bring Much Needed Winter Color

Vibrant spring blooms of azaleas and forsythia bring much needed color to the garden after a bleak winter season.

Forsythia Lynwood Profuse Early Spring Blooms

The Lynwood Gold Forsythia is an old time favorite with an upright spreading habit and big golden-yellow flowers up the entire stem. This Forsythia is excellent for hedging and fast growing.

Lynwood Forsythia Vivid Yellow Spring Flowering

Forsythia x intermedia, Lynwood Variety, is vigorous, heavy blooming forsythia noted for producing spectacular late winter to early spring blooms larger than usual bright yellow flowers that are abundant and well distributed along branches.

'Spring Glory' Forsythia

Forsythia x intermedia 'Spring Glory' is a deer-resistant shrub.

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