15 Roses to Try This Spring

A sneak preview of new, beautiful roses coming this spring.
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Photo By: Image courtesy of David Austin Roses

Photo By: Image courtesy of David Austin Roses

Photo By: Image courtesy of Proven Winners

Photo By: Image courtesy of First Editions

Photo By: Image courtesy of Proven Winners

Photo By: Image courtesy of Weeks Roses

Photo By: Image courtesy of HGTV Home Plant Collection

Photo By: Image courtesy of David Austin Roses

Photo By: Image courtesy of HGTV Home Plant Collection

Photo By: Image courtesy of Proven Winners

Photo By: Image courtesy of HGTV Home Plant Collection

Photo By: Image courtesy of Proven Winners

Photo By: Image courtesy of David Austin Roses

Photo By: Image courtesy of HGTV Home Plant Collection

Photo By: Image courtesy of David Austin Roses

'Boscobel' (Auscousin)

‘Boscobel’ is a favorite of David Austin’s senior rosarian, Michael Marriott, who describes it as “an absolutely classic English Rose.” This Leander hybrid bears red buds that open into salmon-colored cups. As the flowers age, they turn a rich, deep pink. The roses have a medium to strong myrrh fragrance with traces of elderflower, almond and pear. The plants form upright, medium-sized shrubs and depending on how heavily you prune them, they typically grow 3’ x 2 ½’ tall.

'Heathcliff' (Old Rose Hybrid)

Bold crimson roses are always popular, although they’re not easy to develop, according to the David Austin website. ‘Heathcliff’ is the 13th in the company’s collection of red and scarlet English Roses. The plants grow approximately 3 ½’ tall by 3’ wide, with shiny, deep green foliage. This variety has an unusual perfume that combines a Tea Rose scent with the fragrance of Old Roses; there’s an undertone of earthy, dry cedar. The fully doubled flowers open to a rosette shape.

Oso Easy 'Lemon Zest'

This canary-yellow landscape rose, ‘Lemon Zest’ has excellent resistance to diseases and holds its bright color beautifully. The rose is self-cleaning, dropping its petals when they age. ‘Lemon Zest’ is an easy to grow, deciduous shrub with glossy green foliage and a mounding habit. It reaches 18 to 30 “ high and loves full sun; it’s recommended for hardiness zones 5 to 9.

'Campfire' Rose

This new rose from First Editions boasts semi-double flowers with distinctive red and yellow petals. Hardy to zone 3, 'Campfire' features dark green glossy foliage on a compact shrub and excellent disease-resistance.

Oso Easy 'Italian Ice'

This landscape rose may remind you of a ‘Peace’ rose, with soft yellow and orange flowers that have a pink blush along the edges. The semi-double blooms are held against dark green, glossy leaves. You won’t need to deadhead or spray these disease resistant, deciduous shrubs. Give them full sun; they’ll grow 18 to 30 inches tall and rebloom all summer. Their mounding growth habit makes them a good choice for containers or beds.

'Anna's Promise' Downton Abbey Rose

Like Downton Abbey, the popular award-winning British television series, ‘Anna’s Promise’ is elegant and romantic. This first release in the Downton Abbey rose series is a grandiflora for gardens that receive full sun to partial shade. The lush, bicolored flowers are described as “golden tan and pink” with a copper or bronze reverse.They’re fragrant, too, with a fruity scent reminiscent of grapefruit and apples. Recommended for zones 4 to 10, the plants reach 4 to 6 feet in height.

'Va-Va Victoria'

This vivacious beauty has abundant and continuous flowers and a vigorous growth habit. The very small flowers are very small with pink and bright yellow blooms.

'Tranquility' (Ausnoble)

A musk rose, ‘Tranquility’ has a light apple fragrance. New buds are brushed with red and yellow, but the opened flowers are pure white. The shrubs grow about 4’ tall by 3’ wide, although they will be taller if left unpruned. Thanks to its upright growth habit, this nearly thornless rose works nicely in garden beds.

'DIY Diana'

'DIY Diana' features single yellow-centered, pure white flowers. For best results, water this rose regularly.

'Livin' La Vida'

Another new variety for 2014, this landscape rose bears bright coral to flamingo pink flowers. The blooms keep coming all summer, held against dark green, glossy foliage. Thanks to its compact, upright growth habit, 'Living’ La Vida' can be grown in containers as well as in garden beds. The disease resistant shrubs grow 30 to 36” and need full sun; they’re recommended for hardiness zones 5 to 9. Trim the plants in spring to shape them; the blooms are produced on new wood.

'Greta's Got This'

This rose is new to market in 2014 and boasts a profusion of posies: 20-30 per stem. Its flowers are very small double blossoms with dramatic dark red color.

Oso Easy ‘Pink Cupcake’

Sun-loving ‘Pink Cupcake’ is another in Proven Winners' Oso Easy series of landscape roses. These new-for-2014 shrubs are so disease resistant, they don’t need spraying. The large, pink flowers have a hint of coral and are self-cleaning, so you won’t need to deadhead, either. New leaves have a reddish hue, then mature to glossy green. The continuously blooming plants are deciduous and reach 24 to 28 inches tall.

'The Lark Ascending' (Ausnoble)

This rose’s light perfume changes as the flowers age, opening with Tea Rose and ending as myrrh. The shrubs grow up to 5’ tall and 3’ wide, making them a good addition to mixed perennial borders. The loosely cupped petals are a soft apricot color and have darker, golden-apricot stamens.

'Carefree Carolina' Rose

This new for 2014 compact rose has a high bloom count of coral-orange double blooms and flowers from late spring through fall.

‘Royal Jubilee’ (Alba Hybrid)

Like other roses in the English Alba group, ‘Royal Jubilee’ has a light, airy, vigorous growth habit that works well in borders. The big, semi-doubled flowers are a deep, velvety pink held against glossy, grey-green foliage. These repeat-flowering shrubs grow to 5’ tall by 3’ wide and have very few thorns. There’s a note of blackcurrants in the flowers’ fruity fragrance.

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