Perennial Plants for Shady Sites

The lush leaves and flowers on these perennials thrive when planted beneath trees or in shady borders.

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Sun or Shade

Columbine has delicate red, orange and yellow flowers. It's happy in full sun or full shade.


Lilyturf is a low-growing evergreen with grasslike, purple-black leaves. Lilac flowers appear in summer, and blue-black berries in fall.

Hearty Hosta

The Francee hosta has large, heart-shaped, olive-green leaves with irregular white edges. Lavender-blue flowers appear in summer.

Bishop’s Miter

Also called barrenwort, bishop's miter is a groundcover plant for a shady border. It produces copper-tinted green leaves and crimson flowers.

Lungwort Is Great for Groundcover

Lungwort is a spreading, groundcover plant with dark green leaves and deep blue flowers in spring.

Shaded Drama

Pachysandra is a spreading, shade-tolerant perennial with glossy, evergreen leaves and small white flower spikes in early summer.


The creamy white flowers plumes of goatsbeard stand up above delicate, fern-like, green leaves.

Elephant’s Ears

A clump-forming evergreen with deep carmine flowers, the elephant's ears thrive in partial shade beneath trees.

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