New Plants for Your 2014 Garden

From basil that never bolts to vibrant geraniums, you won't be able to resist adding one of these colorful new plants to your garden this spring.

Verbena Superbena 'Violet Ice,' courtesy of Proven Winners

Verbena Superbena 'Violet Ice,' courtesy of Proven Winners

Photo by: Image courtesy of Proven Winners

Image courtesy of Proven Winners

This new verbena grows vigorously and shows good tolerance to heat and mildew. The bright violet blooms are one of the trendy colors for 2014.

Gardeners look forward to turning the calendar to another year, when lots of new and exciting plants are introduced to the market. If you’re shopping for ornamentals, look for a trend toward vibrant, bright shades of blue, purple and pink. Unusual color combinations in bicolored flowers are also more popular than ever.

You’ll also find many innovative, improved edibles, including a breakthrough herb that never bolts (‘Bam,’ a basil from Burpee); a nutritious chard with beautiful pink-and-white striped stalks (‘Peppermint Swiss,’ from Park Seed); and the world’s biggest beefsteak tomato (‘SteakHouse Hybrid,’ from Burpee).

Explore our sampler of new-for-2014 plants. You’re sure to find something you’ll want to grow in your garden.

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