Low-Water Succulents Are Earth-Smart

With their clean, architectural forms, succulents make for a beautiful container design.

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Ben Ford

Miniature Garden

These tiny potted succulents would be the perfect accent for a fairy garden, or a lovely favor at a dinner party place setting.

Echeverias and Other Succulents in Mixed Pots

An office setting groups echeverias and other succulents in mixed pots all nestled in an old metal cabinet drawer.

Special Collection of Plants Displayed in Grouping

Arrange a variety of succulents in terra cotta pots on a tiered display or grouped on the patio decking.

A Modern Succulent Bowl

Atlanta's 43rd Annual Show House and Gardens featured this bowl of succulents on the home's back terrace, designed by Kolo Collection. decoratorsshowhouse.org

Succulents Fill Small Metal Planters

Small decorative metal containers are grouped together and hold individual succulents, Echeveria, or Duchess of Nuremberg, for a very contemporary look.

Succulent Containers

A sunny patio at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is the setting for this display of varying-sized containers with an assortment of succulents that include Dyckia 'Black Gold' (clockwise from foreground), Yucca 'Color Guard', Euphorbia 'Sticks on Fire', Echeveria runyonii, and Kalanchoe 'Flapjacks'.

Alpines and Succulents Paired Together in Pot

Mix together alpines and succulents with varied appearances, shapes, and foliage to create an eye-catching summer display.

Wild Wild West in a Cactus Dish Garden

A plastic container turns into a wild wild west desert landscape and cactus garden. Filled with cacti and succulents, this clever centerpiece uses decorative pebbles, sand and plastic action toys to complete the scene.

Conical Container Complements Trailing Plants

A conical container is set in a metal plate for stability. Its color pairs nicely with the succulents and leafy trailing plants chosen to complement the design of this Japanese inspired pebble garden.

Repurposed Strawberry Pot

This terra cotta strawberry pot takes on a whole new look with plantings of Sempervivum, also known as hen and chicks.

Black and Green

This Echeveria pulidonis is beautifully set off against a slate-colored bowl.

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana Goes Vertical

Take your garden vertical by suspending your containers with simple metal cable. This wall of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana seems to hover in space in the lobby of the Atlanta Botanical Garden's Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory.

Succulent Arrangement

These succulents are attractively grouped in hypertufa containers.

Sedum Tower

Biltmore Estate's Walled Garden Crew Leader Travis Murray created this dramatic sedum tower.