Large Plants for Kids' Gardens

Oversized plants do not require huge gardens, and this bold planting scheme can actually make a small garden look bigger than one planted up with lots of small plants.
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The Giant Garden

Large plants that tower over little people can be a wonderful addition to a children's garden. Gunnera is the biggest and most impressive and should be given center stage, with other plants complementing it -- some in the ground, some in pots -- as shown here.

Purple Plumes

Astilbe x arendsii are clump-forming perennials that feature graceful fern-like mounds of leaves and tiny flowers densely packed into erect to arching plume-like flower panicles rising above the foliage on slender, upright stems.

'Red Star' Swords

Cordyline australis 'Red Star' features burgundy-red sword-like leaves making it a good choice as a focal point in the landscape or in large containers. Fragrant white flowers top stems in early summer.

Giant Rhubarb

Gunnera manicata, or giant rhubarb, is a hardy plant that will have a huge impact on a garden. It can be as high as 10 feet and as wide as 13 feet. The plant is not related to rhubarb and is not edible.

Shiny Superplant

Fatsia japonica is a popular deep-shade-loving southern landscape shrub. The shiny green palmate leaves are bordered with a heavy white speckling. Flowers are white and form on a white stalk in small terminal clusters.

Spiky Star

Cordyline australis 'Variegata' is a New Zealand cabbage palm with cream streaks on its long, spiky leaves. It grows well in subtropical climatic conditions.

Towering Tree

Catalpa bignonioides is a a medium-sized tree with spreading branches and an irregular crown. It features showy white flowers with purple streaks that appear in branched, upright clusters in late spring.

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