How to Keep Grasses Looking Good

Ornamental grasses need little attention to keep them looking good. Here's how to properly maintain grasses and make way for new growth.
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©2008, Dorling Kindersley Limited

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Gravel Mulch for Grasses

Gravel is an attractive and effective mulch for grasses; it will conserve moisture and suppress weeds.

Clear Away Debris

When caring for ornamental grass, clear away debris, such as old stems, using a spring-tined rake. Work from the center out.

Lose Old Stems

Cut back old stems close to the ground, using pruners or shears. If the grass has sharp edges, wear eye protection and gloves.

Lopping Thicker Grass

Use loppers on thicker grasses, such as miscanthus, where the stems are more like canes. You may even need to use a saw.

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