Hot Garden Trends Across the Country

Garden experts nationwide reveal what plants and flowers shoppers are scooping up.
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Popular in the Southeast: Peony

Deborah Harrison of Habersham Gardens ( in Atlanta says the peony is this year's dark horse favorite. "For sheer luxury, it is the most beautiful plant on the planet and people are willing to baby it to keep it happy."

Popular in the Southeast: Hellebore

These are the number one bestseller in the South because they are evergreen, shade-loving and bloom in winter.

Popular in the Northeast: Blueberry Bush

This versatile flowering perennial is a top seller because it produces delicious fruit while providing numerous health benefits from the high level of antioxidants in the berries. And in terms of color, the leaves can be quite spectacular in the fall.

Popular in the Southwest: Salvia

Jamie Mihalcik of Buchanan's Native Plants ( says planters love this flowering perennial because it is "drought tolerant, blooms throughout the year and maintains its leaves even during the winter."

Popular in the Southwest: Calibrachoa

Currently the rage in this region, Calibrachoa is a tender perennial that one admirer called "a tiny petunia on steroids." It comes in a variety of stunning colors, thrives in full sun and tolerates dry conditions and light shade.

Popular in the Midwest: Torenia

Also known as the wishbone flower due to the way the stamens emerge locked together at the top, this unique little dynamo resembles an inspired hybrid of a pansy and a snapdragon.

Popular On the West Coast: Agave

Flowering annuals and perennials may be the norm in most gardens but succulents like the drought tolerant agave plant offer architectural wonder and exotic symmetry to any yard or garden.

Popular On the West Coast: Strawflower

The name doesn't do this short-term perennial justice, but gardeners love the vivid colors the daisy-shaped flowers bring to their yards plus they retain their beauty in dried arrangements and potpourri for up to 10 years.

Popular in the Northwest: Fuchsia

The winter hardy fuchsia is not only stunning to behold but is a long bloomer (from May to the first frost), cold tolerant once established and a magnet for hummingbirds.

Popular in the Northwest: Heuchera

The experts at Portland Nursery ( single out coral bells for their wide variety of colors and shapes and they always "look good in mass plantings, as border edges, and make fantastic container plants."

Popular in the Northeast: 'Knock Out' Roses

Rick Beebe of Cheshire Nursery ( says gardeners love these beauties because they are the most disease resistant of any rose, are heat tolerant and "bloom several times over the summer and even into October around here."

Popular in the Midwest: Echinacea

Commonly called coneflowers, these vibrant show-stoppers are endemic to central and eastern North America and are highly valued for their medicinal qualities in treating the common cold and flu.