Edible Displays: Mini Herb Garden

Perfect for beginners, herbs are resilient, can be picked over a long season and are always useful in the kitchen.

From: DK Books - Fruits and Vegetables
Mini Herb Garden Brightens Summer Patio

Mini Herb Garden Brightens Summer Patio

This pair of coordinating terra cotta pots is filled largely with evergreen herbs that will produce aromatic leaves year after year. It makes sense to grow parsley in a separate pot, because it runs to seed in its second year and will need replacing. For a bold display choose cultivars with golden and variegated foliage, and combine them with the summer flowers of thyme, marjoram, sage and chives, together with trailing bedding, such as petunias and brachyscome (as shown).

Step 1: Choose Containers

Select pots that are at least 10 inches in diameter or small pots that are at least six inches in diameter. They should suit an area close to the kitchen. Use multipurpose compost or soil-based compost, and make sure they receive full sun.

Step 2: Go Shopping

Buy the following herbs: one golden marjoram, one parsley, one variegated sage, one bay, one chives and one golden lemon thyme plant.

Step 3: Plant Herbs

Herbs can be planted in spring, but if using tender bedding, wait until after the frosts. Ensure the pots have drainage holes in the base and fill with a layer of compost. Plant the thyme and flowers through the holes in the large pot, add more compost and plant the other herbs on top. Plant up the smaller pot with parsley and flowers. Keep the compost just moist during the summer and water sparingly in winter. Once established, pick the leaves as required. Replant the herbs in the large container into bigger pots every two years.

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