How to Prune a Wisteria Vine

Wisteria is a special case, where shortening the sideshoots promotes the formation of flower buds. 

Wisteria Lane

Wisteria Lane

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2008, Dorling Kindersley Limited

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Step 1: Pruning Sideshoots

Pruning Sideshoots

Pruning Sideshoots

©2008, Dorling Kindersley Limited

2008, Dorling Kindersley Limited

In summer, after flowering, prune back the sideshoots to within five to seven leaves from the main stem, and tie in new growth.

Step 2: Shorten New Stems

Shorten New Stems

Shorten New Stems

©2008, Dorling Kindersley Limited

2008, Dorling Kindersley Limited

In winter, shorten the new stems that have formed after you pruned in summer. Take these back to leave two buds. The short sideshoots that are left will produce lots of spring blooms.

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