Berry Beautiful: Lovely and Nutritious Berries

Blueberries and honeyberries offer tasty fruit and a long season of interest

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©2011, Dorling Kindersley Limited

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Honeyberry Blueberries are Oval with Honey Taste

"Known as ""superfoods"" due to their high vitamin content, honeyberries arrive in early summer with a blueberry flavor and a honey aftertaste."

'Brigitta' Blueberries Ripen at End of Summer

When early blueberries slow their production, the 'Brigitta' is a wonderful complement for an end of summer crop.

'Earliblue' Blueberry Bush Produces Juicy Berries

Blueberries grow well in patio pots. The 'Earliblue' is a vigorous bush that is covered with large, juicy berries in midsummer.

Toro Blueberry Bush Produces Bumper Crop

You'll never be short of blueberries in summer with the 'Toro' blueberry. In fall, the bush produces bright red autumn foliage.

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