4 Types of Hybrid Blackberries

Not all blackberries are the same! Explore these varieties and make them a part of your garden design.
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Modern Blackberry Cultivars Grow in Containers

Modern blackberries cultivars can easily be grown in containers. Plant them in early spring and set in full sun.

Boysenberry Cross of Loganberry and Blackberry

The boysenberry is a hybrid vining berry, a mix of raspberry, blackberry and the loganberry. The fruit looks like an elongated blackberry, and it is larger than either the raspberry or blackberry. They are usually eaten fresh, or made into juice or jams.

Loganberry Cross of Raspberry and Blackberry

The loganberry is a relatively modern variety of fruit, which resulted from an accidental cross between a raspberry and a blackberry. Loganberries look a lot like blackberries, or very dark raspberries depending on their variety. Best eaten cooked.

Tayberry Cross of Raspberry and Blackberry

The tayberry is a cross between a blackberry and raspberry. Grown for its sweeter, larger, aromatic fruits that have an excellent flavor. It is a beautiful bright purple color and can be eaten fresh from the bush or cooked into jams, jellies and desserts.

Japanese Wineberry Covered in Red Bristles

Japanese wineberry is a delicious fruit that ripens even in partial shade. It is fuzzy thorned, red toned new shoots in spring and butter yellow foliage in autumn. Train against a wall. Often grown as an ornamental.

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