Umbrella Plant (Indian Rhubarb): Our Favorite Flowers

Try these unique umbrella-shaped specimens in your bog garden.
Darmera Peltata Umbrella Plant Bears Pink Blooms

Darmera Peltata Umbrella Plant Bears Pink Blooms

An interesting waterside plant, Umbrella Plant has huge round, lobed leaves from which emerge clusters of soft pink flowers in early spring. In fall, those large round leaves turn red before dying away.

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Also known as Indian rhubarb (Darmera peltata), umbrella plant blooms in early spring before the foliage appears — mounds of huge, textured leaves up to 12 inches across. The leaves turn red in fall. Umbrella plant tolerates full sun to partial shade and can handle wet feet as long as it gets plenty of sun. Indian rhubarb can reach a height of six feet with a spread of up to three feet.

Use it to decorate a sunny bog garden or plant in moist soil in part shade. It does poorly where summers are hot and humid but thrives on the West Coast down to USDA Zone 9.

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