Types of Water Lilies

Friends to frogs and other wildlife, water lilies are a gorgeous, natural addition to a pool or small container garden.

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Containers with Water Lilies Are a Focal Point

A glazed ceramic pot can be turned into a stunning container for beautiful white water lilies as a focal point.

A Red Hybrid Water Lily Is Suitable for Deep Ponds

Nymphaea, Escarboucle, are aquatic perennials with rounded floating leaves and showy flowers on or just above the water, with numerous narrow petals and conspicuous stamens, in white and shades of yellow, pink and red.

Dwarf Water Lilies Are Suitable for Smaller Ponds

Nymphaea, Pygmaea Helvola, is a miniature yellow waterlily with rounded, speckled, greenish leaves that float on the water surface. Flowers bloom continuously from summer into fall. Each flower opens in the morning and closes at night.

Fragrant Marliacea Albida Water Lily

Nymphaea, Marliacea Albida, is a free flowering water lily variety that produces a profusion of fragrant, bowl shaped, double white flowers with prominent yellow centers from June to September. It is the most popular white water lily in cultivation.

Pretty In Pink

The water lily, Nymphaea ‘James Brydon’, has rounded bronze-green leaves that perfectly show off its rich pink flowers.

Water Lily Has Variegated Foliage

This hardy water lily is a profuse bloomer with cup shaped flowers. It is very fragrant. It is a double blooming hardy lily with yellow flowers and shiny leaves. New foliage is purplish and slightly mottled.

Tender Exotic Blue and Purple Water Lilies

Deep violet purple and violet blue cup shaped flowers are unusual varieties of tender water lilies. They need a minimum temperature of 50 degrees outside.

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