Spring Flowers: 11 Bodacious Blooms

Nothing gets the gardening juices flowing like a sneak peek of spring flowers.

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Spring Daffodils Fill Galvanized Tub

Rustic old galvanized tub makes a creative display for flowering daffodils on a spring patio.

Spring Flowers Create Interest Into Summer

Carpets of spring flowers in less formal areas make a more naturalistic display under trees and along pathways. Avoid mowing the grass until all foliage has died away.

Spring Crocus

These spring crocus have a deep lilac color and do not flower until late spring.

Tulipa Spring Green is Cool and Elegant in Spring

A lovely and elegant presence, ‘Spring Green’ enchants the garden with its ivory petals that are flushed with apple green flames. As fresh as a spring day, this tulip echoes the color of the Dogwoods, which blooms at the same time.


Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) are some of the earliest bulbs—and flowers in general—to bloom in spring. Their nodding white flowers are reliably hardy and perennial and will naturalize in your garden if you let them.

Early Spring Blooms Bring Much Needed Winter Color

Vibrant spring blooms of azaleas and forsythia bring much needed color to the garden after a bleak winter season.

Gentiana Verna Bears Bright Blue Flowers in Spring

An easy, beautiful alpine, Gentiana verna produces intense, bright blue flowers with white centers in the spring above its evergreen perennial dark green leaves.

Tulips are Early Spring Flowering Bulbs

Hardy spring bulbs are a welcome addition to the landscape. The choice of beautiful colors is endless for different shades and flower varieties each year. Crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, scilla and tulips are just a few welcome in a spring garden.

Lynwood Forsythia Vivid Yellow Spring Flowering

Forsythia x intermedia, Lynwood Variety, is vigorous, heavy blooming forsythia noted for producing spectacular late winter to early spring blooms larger than usual bright yellow flowers that are abundant and well distributed along branches.

Rhodanthemum Hosmariense Showy Daisy Blooms

Rhodanthemum hosmariense, or Moroccan daisy, displays silver-gray, finely cut leaves from which spring white daisy flowers with yellow centers from spring to fall.

Camellia Japonica Spring Flowering Shrub

Camellia japonica is best known for its lovely flowers, blooming from fall to spring in warmer areas and in early spring in cooler areas. A compact growing habit, glossy green foliage and showy profusion of blooms account for popularity.

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