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According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent $18.6 billion dollars last year for Mother's Day—$2.2 billion of which was on flowers. Back in the days of Don Draper, ordering a bouquet was as simple as telling a secretary to call the local flower shop. But times have definitely changed. Now we do it all online, but after scrolling through hundreds of options, sizes and endless upsells, is it really any easier? 

It is now, thanks to

"At The Bouqs Company, we believe that flowers are vessels for meaningful sentiments," says The Bouqs CEO John Tabis. "When we went to other flower sites, we found the experience shockingly devoid of emotion and the treatment of the buyer was complex and confusing. We want to treat the sender with as much emotion and respect as he or she is giving the recipient." offers 40 different bouquets for $40—including the "Precious" (hydrangea with solidago), "The Fix" (pink and white alstroemeria) and "Sunfire" (orange, red and pink roses)—with a three-click checkout process. No cutesy vases or flowers made to look like martinis—just real flowers that arrive wrapped in craft paper and bound with twine along with a personalized note. 

Most of us would love to send mom something beautiful from our own backyard, but timing and geography don't always cooperate. If you can’t hand-deliver something from your own garden, why not send her something grown on the top of an active volcano in South America?

According to Tabis, approximately 85 percent of flowers sold in the U.S. are sourced from South America. "This is due to ideal growing conditions on the equator," he says. "The volcano is the perfect place to raise premium stems and ensures super pure water, amazingly rich soil and high altitude for lots and lots of sun."

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