How to Choose Lilies

For containers, scent or color, pick the best lily for your garden's needs.

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'Journey's End' Lily: Large Scented Blooms

'Journey's End' lily features a large rose flower with a thin white margin which folds back to give it a star-like bloom. This is a showy plant for planting in a shrub or herbaceous border. Spring and fall are the best time to transplant.

Lilium Nepalense: Ideal for a Shady Container

Lilium nepalense is prized for its large funnel shaped flowers. They are richly colored, open trumpet shaped blooms with a lime green, recurved hood contrasting dramatically with their royal purple throats and spots.

Lilium Medeoloides: Short Stems, Ideal for Pots

Lilium medeoloides has short stems with a whorl of radiating leaves. Flowers are borne in a cluster of two to seven depending on vigor and vary from apricot to intense orange, with reflexed petals spotted and flecked in deep purple-black.

Lilium Rubrum: Fragrant Recurved Blooms

Lilium speciosum rubrum is an outstanding lily variety that is sought after for its fragrance and late summer bloom. The recurved, pendent flowers are white and crimson.

Lilium Martagon: Commonly Called Turk's Cap Lily

Lilium martagon, or Turk's cap, is a vigorous lily with purple speckled stem and whorls of stiff deep green leaves. In summer, it has long spikes of smallish pink to red flowers with maroon spots, turned back petals and prominent stamens.

Scented Lilium Pyrenaicum: Ideal for Sun

Lilium pyrenaicum lily has dense whorls of silver frosted, compact leaves on short, stout stems which are topped by glorious, bright, vivid yellow flowers in June. The interior of each lily is rust speckled especially in the throat.

'Stargazer' Lily: Powerful Scent

'Stargazer' lily boasts stout sturdy stems with clusters of very fragrant blooms. They grow beautifully in perennial gardens and are well suited as a container garden plant with brilliant crimson colored flowers edged with pure white.

'Sterling Star' Lilies: Perfect for Pots

'Sterling Star' lily has large, pure white blooms that are accented with deeply contrasting red speckles which add drama to the early to midsummer garden. The 'Sterling Star' lily's light, sweet fragrance will attract butterflies and is perfect for borders and containers.

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