Candelabra Primrose: Our Favorite Flowers

Add a splash of color in the moist areas of your garden.
millers crimson thrives in boggy conditions

millers crimson thrives in boggy conditions

'Miller's Crimson' thrives in shade.

©2010, Dorling Kindersley Limited

2010, Dorling Kindersley Limited

'Miller's Crimson' thrives in shade.

Candelabra primrose (Primula japonica) would make a good addition to wet, shady portions of your garden. Place it in a bog garden or beside a stream in a woodland setting. This perennial blooms from late spring to midsummer in pink, red or white (depending on the cultivar) on 18-inch stalks above clumps of lettuce-green leaves. ‘Miller’s Crimson’ is hardy only to USDA Zone 6.

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