Climbing Plants for Flowers and Foliage

These climbing plants are known for their bold, vibrant flowers and lush greenery.

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©2008, Dorling Kindersley Limited

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Blooms and Berries

The flame nasturtium is a perennial, climbing variety of nasturtium with vermilion flowers in summer followed by small blue berries.

Solanum Climber

The solanum is a fast-growing climber with small, oval green leaves and clusters of purple-blue flowers with yellow centers in summer.

Pendant Climber

The rhodochiton is a leaf-stalk-twining climber with heart-shaped, green leaves and dark purple and red pendantlike flowers.

Vibrant Vine

Grown for its huge leaves and vibrant fall color, the vine is a relative of the grapevine with unpalatable fruits.

Chilean Glory

The Chilean glory flower is a fast-growing climber with dramatic tubular flowers. It grows well as an annual in temperate climates and may overwinter in warm areas.

Variegated Eva

Eva is a variegated ivy with small but dense foliage heavily splashed with white. Good for lightening a gloomy wall.

Pink and White Splashes

The actinidia has a pink and white splashed leaves. Although on young plants the leaves are green.

Pretty Passion Flower

This fast-growing climber has long, green leaves and exotic, scented white flowers in summer and fall.

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