13 Night-Owl Bloomers

Face it: In summer, most of us don't really find time to enjoy our gardens until after a long day at work. So why not incorporate plants that bloom in the cool of the evening when most are fragrant for luring in pollinators?
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Angel's Trumpets

The highly fragrant Angel's Trumpet blooms in white, yellow, peach and pink and can be limbed to grow in a tree form.

Water Lilies

Few aquatic plants are more elegant that lilies, opening in late afternoon to capture insects, then closing the next morning.

Four O'Clocks

They don't call them Four O'Clocks for nothing! These old-fashioned perennials bloom in a variety of colors including white, pink and purple.

evening primrose

Evening Primrose features large cup-shaped blooms in yellow, pink and white and are easy to grow -- which makes them a nuisance in some parts of the country.


Commonly called "flowering tobacco" because of their high concentration of nicotine, these slender plants have trumpet-shaped florets in a wide variety of colors.


This woody-stalked night-bloomer offers large trumpet-shaped blossoms that are white or purple and point upward. Datura not only is highly fragrant but also highly poisonous.

'Cinderella' Stock

'Cinderella' stock is a bushy, short-lived perennial that bears spikes of soft, four-petaled flowers in pink, purple, red and white. It has a wonderfully spicy scent reminiscent to cloves. 


Extremely drought tolerant, yuccas have creamy-white sweetly scented flower stalks that last much of the summer.


These old-fashioned Lilacs are deciduous shrubs and perennial favorites. One of the more fragrant cultivars, 'Miss Ellen Willmott,' has white blossoms that attract bees and butterflies.


Commonly known as Cottage Pinks, Dianthus is a ground cover that features pale pink flowers that offer a cloves-like scent.

Climbing Hydrangea

The climbing hydrangea produces showy white flowers. Give it the strong support of a wall because even though "the first year it sleeps and the second it creeps," by year three "it leaps"!

Mock Orange

Powerfully fragrant, the mock orange has pure-white double flowers that appear on this dark-green deciduous shrub in early or midsummer.

Moon flower vine

No evening garden should be without this annual vine. Its hand-size bright white flowers are highly scented, and the vine is a prolific grower.