Cruz Diary: Entry Three (continued)

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I have contacted a lawyer and met with him to discuss the opportunities available to me. He was recommended by someone we trust and seems to be very good at what he does. Although he must do his own research to be sure he has full information, he fully understood our situation and that we desire to live in this house.

And, yes, we realize the safe way to enjoy the benefits of this house would be to sell it and use the profit to pay off the taxes and invest. Of course, we could sell our house and combine it with our profit of the house in Texas to build a nice home wherever we want. But, again, we are willing to take the chance and try things out in Texas!

We do plan to move to Tyler, Texas. Even my wife, who is usually hesitant and does not like to take large chances, supports the move. She just loves the home! She does not like leaving her family and has spent her whole life in the same area of Illinois. But, she believes that this is worth the chance. And, she just loves roses!

I am still waiting for confirmation of the closing date. I would like to close on the Monday following our Winner's Weekend. If we are able to do that, I plan to begin allowing tours beginning on Tuesday or Wednesday (May 2nd or 3rd) and begin to rent out the Dock House and Honeymoon Suite that first weekend in May. Unfortunately, my wife and son will not be able to join me right away, if that is the plan. My son has a lot of events taking place in his life (religious and school) that they will attend before joining me in our new home.

I have collected various items over the years, with the intent to sell them in the antique market to help with retirement. My wife is constantly after me to get rid of some of the stuff because we have so much. Basically, our entire two-story barn is full of items. Since I have heard the antique market is popular in Texas, I intend to bring most of these items with and sell them there. Most of our home furnishings are items from each of our parents. We will only be taking a few of those items with us since the home in Tyler is fully furnished and we'll be donating the rest to St. Vincent's in West Chicago.

However, we have an antique Cadillac and my wife's work car to be shipped there along with quite a few other items. And, it is not cheap to move from Illinois to Texas. So, I prayed about it and made a few calls to get prices and find a way to move the items from our house in Illinois to our house in Texas. One of the companies that I called was Armstrong Relocation Service in Chicago, affiliated with United Van Lines. I had set up a schedule for them, along with several other companies, to come out and give us quotes.

A little while later, to my surprise, Bob Beckus, Vice President of Armstrong Relocation Service, called me back. He had talked to Tom Stoops, President of Armstrong Relocation Service, and they had read our story and wanted to be a part of it. He offered to move us down to Texas for free! It was an answered prayer. It seems that God must want us in Texas for something because he found us a house, then found a moving company that was willing to move us for free. It seems that he really wants us down there for something. Praise God!

I must say, this entire experience has certainly proven that there is still good in this world. And, above all, God is with us. We owe so much to God and his grace. I believe that God will help us to find a way to live in this house. Look at all of the things that He has helped us to find so far. There is no other explanation than it being in God's plan to help us to live in this wonderful home in Tyler, Texas.

Everybody that I have spoken with in Tyler, from the banks to the insurance company to the Assessors office and Brenda Conine and Pam Mayfield at The Reserve at Lake Tyler, all have been really nice and I can't wait to meet each of them.

I want to thank everybody for all of the letters and phone calls that I have received over the past few weeks. I have really enjoyed them. I like talking to everybody and reading all of the letters. I want to thank everyone who has sent in these swatches for the quilt. I am excited and looking forward to seeing it. I'd also like to say thank you to Brenda Berres for the scrapbook and all of the items to put together the scrapbook. My wife and I are collecting newspaper articles and pictures and are looking forward to putting one together. May God bless everybody and keep you safe.

Until next time, In God's love, Donald


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