A Kitchen Reborn

Episode NWS-1211

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Heather and Charlie Schenck purchased a 1920s custom-built home three years ago. The family loves the character and location of the place but they hate the forty-year-old kitchen. Designers Don Raney and Jaymes Richardson turn this outdated space into a modern, stylish kitchen.


    • interior and architectural design — Civility Design
      Don Raney and Jaymes Richardson
      Website: www.civilitydesign.com
    • contractor — Stanley Bukala Remodeling
      Phone: 847-928-1858
    • Decorative hardware and accessories from The Knobbery
    • cabinetry — Chicago Kitchen Design Group, Inc.
      Website: www.ckdgroup.com
    • powder coating and finishes — Advance Enameling Company, Inc.
      Phone: 773-737-7356