Jeremy and Kelly's Florida Brewery

Episode HNHL-106H

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  • April 13, 2014

    5:30 PM e/p

Every morning before starting his day as a Federal Agent for the Department of Defense, Jeremy Joerger, would grab breakfast from his favorite cafe and stare across the street into the window of a local brewery. He would watch the brewers enviously, dreaming of that life he'd rather be living. He longed to be able to focus solely on his craft and his passion. Then he would get in his government car and head into his mundane routine. Every night, Jeremy would come home, brew beer and work on his business plan. He jokes that he was living a double life... Special Agent Joerger by day, JDub (his nickname/brewery name) by night. Jeremy's wife Kelly knew a major change was necessary. She enlisted the help of her father to help them kick-start the brewery. The couple made the leap to Sarasota, Florida, where they're looking for a cost-effective condo and a warehouse to start their new business. Now for the twist... Kelly just discovered that she's pregnant with the couple's first child. The stakes just got higher!