Worthwhile Work

Episode HHWW-1401H

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Lana is preparing to sell her home in Burlington, Vermont, but first, she wants to know if finishing a few more renovation projects would be worthwhile. Meanwhile, Mary and Scott have put a lot of money into their home in Omaha, and they want to know if they will get their money back when it comes time to retire. And, in Pittsburgh, C.J. and Terra hope they've made smart choices so far, because they want to use their equity to continue renovating.


    • Dave Mulleady, Real Estate Expert, Century 21 / Jack Associates
      E-mail: dmulleady@gmail.com
    • Kat Barry
      Real Estate Expert, Prudential Preferred Realty
      Website: www.myspace.com/katbarry1
    • Sallie Elliott, Real Estate Expert, NP Dodge
      E-mail: selliott@npdodge.com