Miami, New York, Seattle

Episode HHWW-205

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We go behind closed doors, as three homeowners in three different parts of the country work with local market experts to strategize on maximizing their homes' value. First, Amanda is worried that her husband, Victor, has put too much into their Miami Shores home for them to get any of that money back. And the house still isn't finished. They want to see if they've made the right choices, or if they just overdid it. Next, Iris and Peter bought their apartment in New York's Upper West Side and knew that there would need to be some work done, but now they have two kids and not enough room. They need a bigger apartment, but first they need to get top dollar from their current place. Lastly, Seattle residents Allison and Jeff are thinking about having another baby, but think that their house is just too small. They are also concerned that the changes they have made will actually bring down their property's value.