Miami, Atlanta, New York

Episode HHWW-101

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We go behind closed doors, as three homeowners in three different parts of the country work with local market experts to strategize on maximizing their homes' value. First, Claudia and Michael bought the largest house in their North Miami neighborhood and over time have modernized the majority of it. Now they need to get some equity out of it to finish their work. Next, Dana and Reggie have lived in a gated community for three years. They were able to customize everything prior to moving in and even had the basement finished to their taste. They want to know if they overdid it with details. Finally, Flavia saw her New York apartment 20 years ago when she was a dancer and began renting it right before it went co-op and got a really good price. She spent 12 months restoring everything until she ran out of money. Now she would wants to find out the value so she can refinance and finish her renovations.