Homeowners Discover Whether Their Investments Were Wise

Episode HHWW-1311H

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Katie wants to make sure that she made smart renovation decisions and didn't overspend in her Chicago apartment. Then, James and Heather want to find out how much their Knoxville home is worth so they can sell it and start on another fixer-upper. And, Kraig and Kelly are wondering if the investments they've made in their St. Louis home will pay off in enough equity that they could build their next home.


    • Bertina Power, Managing Broker, Builders Center of Chicago
      Website: www.yourpowerbroker.com
    • Stacy Jacobi, Real Estate Expert, Gables & Gates
      E-mail: stacylynnejacobi@aol.com
    • Julia Mittelstadt, Real Estate Expert, Coldwell Banker
      E-mail: julia@juliamittelstadt.com