Hingham, Miami, Murfreesboro

Episode HHWW-207

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We go behind closed doors, as three homeowners in three different parts of the country work with local market experts to strategize on maximizing their homes' value. First, Kate and David of Hingham, Mass., have spent the last few years updating and remodeling their home, but now they are starting to run out of space. They would like to make some additions and keep the home they have, but that all depends on what their home is worth. Next, Christer rescued a piece of Miami history, but was it worth it? He wants to pull equity out of his current home to build second home in Costa Rica. He really needs the work he has done on the house to get the money he'll need to start his new construction. Finally, in Murfreesboro, Tenn., Laura and Mike have spent more than 10 years remodeling their home, and they now need to see if the changes they have made have been worth it.


    • Heidi Farmer Piccerelli
      Sales Associate, Coleman Realtors, Inc.
      Website: www.heidiri.com
    • Dan Kelley
      Real Estate Consultant, Keller Williams Realty
      Website: www.thekelleywhiteteam.com
    • Sherri Wellborn, Agent, Keller Williams Realty
      Website: www.sherriwellborn.com