Enough Equity?

Episode HHWW-1203H

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Dolores and Irv are eager to tackle additional projects for their home but want to make sure they haven't overdone it already. Meanwhile, Chuck and Lisa have invested in making the exterior of their home match the squeaky-clean, brand-new interior. Now they hope they've improved their equity to pay for their daughter's tuition. Then, Sandra and Chris want to see if they've earned enough equity in their home to turn their large attic into a master suite.


    • Jason Woodruff, Agent
      Website: http://www.jasonwoodruff.com/
    • Ronda Joseph
      Real Estate Expert, Hasson Company
      Website: www.hasson.com
    • Mark Livesay
      Contractor, City Home Improvement Inc.
      Website: www.cityhomeimprovementinc.com