Cranston, Atlanta, Minneapolis

Episode HHWW-106

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We go behind closed doors, as three homeowners in three different parts of the country work with local market experts to strategize on maximizing their homes' value. First, Becky and Victor of Cranston, R.I., have put more than a quarter of a million dollars into home renovations over the years, and they'd now like to put in a high-end kitchen. They hope to have enough equity in their home to do so. Then, Stan owns a condo in a luxury high-rise in Atlanta. He hopes to have earned enough equity in the three years he has owned his place to be able to invest in other properties. Finally, Sue and Jim have put a lot of upscale renovations into their Minneapolis home. Have they increased its value enough so they can use some of the equity to send their twin daughters to college?


    • Rich Epstein, Real Estate Expert, Residential Properties Ltd.
    • James Deslandes
      Contractor, Deslandes Construction
    • Trent Aldridge
      Real Estate Consultant, Atlanta Intown Real Estate Services
    • Jim Berg
      Realtor, Jim Berg Realty