Burbank, New York, Acton

Episode HHWW-208

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We go behind closed doors, as three homeowners in three different parts of the country work with local market experts to strategize on maximizing their homes' value. First, Kevin has worked hard for his little home in Burbank, Calif., but now he wants to sell and move out toward the beach. Moving to the beach is expensive, so he will need every penny he can get from the sale of his home. Next, Susan bought an apartment in a pre-war building in New York City's Upper West Side. She really wants to make it perfect, so she needs to know if she has made the right choices during her remodel. Finally, Acton, Mass., residents Beth and Rip had a lot of work to do to bring their home up to date. The only thing left to do is the kitchen. They have a plan for a costly renovation, so they need their previous renovations to have been smart ones.