After Doubling Their Home's Size, Chad and Kari Wonder What Price It Might Fetch

Episode HHWW-1302H

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Chad and Kari have doubled the square footage of their Sioux Falls home, but now they're thinking of selling it and wondering what price it might fetch. Meanwhile, John and Erin have done a lot of work on their home in Indianapolis. They want to do more, but first, they want to make sure it would be a worthwhile investment. Finally, Eric and Alison are also ready to tackle more projects in their Springfield, Illinois home, but they're afraid they may have already spent too much, making additional renovations an unwise investment.


    • LaVerta Christensen, Real Estate Expert, The Real Estate Company
    • Charita Williams, Real Estate Expert, Carpenter Realtors
    • Missy Grady-Grussenmeyer, Real Estate Expert, Grady Realtors