A Detroit Homeowner Wonders Whether More Renovations Will Add Value to His Home

Episode HHWW-1306H

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Melinda lives in Burbank, California and wants to know if this is the right time to sell her home and whether doing more improvements will pay off for her. Meanwhile, Leanne and Ben are planning on starting a family soon and they would like to know how much their Indianapolis starter home is worth so they can start making plans. Finally, Michael wants to know if he should could continue doing renovations or stop while he's ahead in his home in Detroit.


    • Gina St. John, Real Estate Expert, Keller Williams
      E-mail: ginastjohn@sbcglobal.net
    • Sharyn Brown
      Real Estate Expert, Century 21
      E-mail: sbrown@c21rg.net
    • Jocelyn "Joy" Santiago, Agent, Dwellings Unlimited
      Website: www.dwellingsunlimited.com