Episode HMCAV-107ZH

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Butterfly is a middle school English teacher with a husband and three kids at home. She and her husband Michael just purchased a beautiful historic brownstone in Jersey City. Michael has noticed that Butterfly has no space of her own in the house and that she's no longer writing the way that she used to. She's not the type to worry about herself so Michael has called on the Mom Caves team, Beth Stern and Jared Walker Dostie, to make this supermom a beautiful room to write in. Inspired by her love of bold colors and her own world travels Jared designs a room that will bring all of these aspects together. Touched by the spirit of this amazing mom, Jared decides to keep going and give the family two rooms while they're at it. Jared's special project this week uses an inspirational quote from Toni Morrison, one of Butterfly's heroes, to motivate her to write for years to come.