Episode HMCAV-108ZH

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Hazelle is a former nurse who gave up her career to raise her family. Although every mom deserves a Mom Cave her husband Ian is so grateful for her sacrifice and wanted to give his wife and mother of their three boys a space where his wife could relax and enjoy her love of photography, crafting and city lofts. It's a pretty hefty remodel to incorporate all three, so Ian called on the Mom Caves team, Beth Stern and Jared Walker Dostie to surprise Hazelle with her very own space ... a Luxe Loft! By mixing classic city loft elements such as exposed brick, intricate wall and lighting fixtures and contemporary seating areas along with Jared's special project of a photo booth, a showcase of Hazelle's personal photographs and a crafting place, Beth and Jared transfer a plain basement into a hip and cool Luxe Loft!