Two Small Rooms Become A Grown-Up Great Room

Episode H2DSW-209H

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Twenty-something's Brett and Deanna wanted to be closer to work and family so they moved from the city to one of Chicago's northern suburbs. Since they're just starting out they've had to furnish their new home with a sparse collection of hand-me-down furniture that doesn't really reflect their style. So Meg is going to create a hipper, more contemporary home for them by tearing down the wall between their two smaller living spaces and creating one large great room. Meg will divide the room into three areas for relaxing and entertaining through the use of various wall treatments, seating arrangements and area rugs. Custom pieces like an artistic sculptural wood wall, a do-it-yourself stenciled rug, and a unique puzzle motif painted on their old game table will bring in lots of personality and style to the room. The overall design will be sophisticated and elegant but still have lots of fun, eclectic, elements for these young homeowners.