Retro Style Great Room With A View

Episode H2DSW-211H

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  • May 15, 2014

    6:30 AM e/p

Even though Alyssa and Robert have a fantastic view that showcases the city, the Chicago River and Lake Michigan, the inside of their condo is looking pretty sad and rundown. They live in the Marina City towers, which are the famous corncob shaped buildings in the heart of the city that were built in the 1960's. Each unit in the building is shaped like a pie wedge and has no right angles in any of the rooms so it presents a unique design challenge. Meg's plan is to take down as many walls as she can to really open up the space and direct the eye to the incredible view. With modern decor and furnishings that reflect both Robert and Alyssa's tastes as well as the unique architecture of the building, Meg will create a retro-inspired great room that takes full advantage of the gorgeous Chicago skyline.