Old Home New Great Room

Episode H2DSW-212H

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Matt and Katie bypassed Chicago's suburbs and went straight for the small, historic town of Lemont, about 30 miles southwest of the city. They even bought one of the oldest homes in town which is a three-bedroom corner lot built in 1890 with original decorative metal ceilings wrapping through the kitchen. The history of Lemont and the beautiful landscape were an easy sell for Matt and Katie, and they want to make sure they emulate that feel in their home. Meg has a hunch those metal ceilings exist throughout their now bland living and dining room too. She wants to capitalize on the original tin ceilings, while also opening up the existing archway between the rooms. Meg tags Matt and Katie's style as classic right away, so adding details like wainscoting, along with pieces like a mid-century console and hutch will help give them storage with style. A breathtaking landscape mural across their dining room walls, along with a hanging terrarium light fixture above a custom-built farm table, make it feel like the stately home it was back at the turn of the century.