Eclectic Vintage Great Room

Episode H2DSW-206H

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Michael and Katie's dream kitchen would be described as eclectic. They're both drawn to vintage items they find at local flea markets and they love to mix and match pieces in their home so that nothing looks too coordinated. To give them the unique style they want, Meg is going to take the classic farmhouse look and give it a contemporary twist. Their new kitchen will have plenty of color and character, with a mix of teal and cream cabinetry, a gorgeous glass island countertop that looks like the jadeite Katie loves to collect, and a stunning tile backsplash that has layers of blue, green, and white glass all fused together. Then Meg will take the adjoining sunroom and turn it into a charming French country breakfast nook. She'll open up the ceiling to expose the peaked roof, build a custom table with an interchangeable top and fill the space with fun, colorful fabrics.