Light at the End of the Tunnel

Episode HMUC-305H

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Now that the engineer's plans are complete and the materials have arrived, Melissa and Steve inform Nat and Rod that the load bearing beams are ready to be installed and it is time to focus on the interior. Melissa makes it clear to Rodney that if there are any changes to the approved design layout; this is the time to speak up. Both Rodney & Natalie agree there are no changes and to move forward. While Rod & Natalie are at yoga, they agree to keep their wonderful news a secret until they tell their closest friends and family. This is a secret Rod has a difficult time keeping. After a visit to the neighbour's, Rod then decides to make a construction change. Melissa nearly breaks down. They're already behind and these changes are escalating the budget. Rod, however, is unconcerned and throws Nat a surprise birthday party.