Let's Get Moving

Episode HMUC-301H

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Nat and Rodney live in a space they share with friends in what they like to call the Frat House. They want to start a family and are eager to get a place of their own. Pete, a real estate agent has agreed to show them several houses. The first is a dump. It needs a lot of work. The second is perfect- just what they need. However, someone else likes it too and they lose out on a bidding war. The next house is a palace; beautiful, but out of their league. The fourth house is also excellent. It's in a good downtown location. It's big enough and the basement can be converted into an apartment. They decide to put in an offer substantially lower than the asking price. Rodney is skeptical. Nat suggests they can't go much higher because they're going to need a lot of money for renovations. The offer is accepted. The house is theirs!