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  • HLILI-210H
    Lee and Erin are passionate about art, and they needed wall space to showcase their paintings. So, they bought a modern home in a location they love. Then they repurposed the home to fit their family, but after adopting another child, the s

  • HLILIT-108H
    Franny and Salim bought this tranquil five bedroom family home in 1986, more than fourteen years after leaving East Africa for a new life. Although it was an ideal home for raising their family, there are now four grown adults living in the

  • HLILIT-111H
    When Jeff and Carolyn decided to buy their first house together, it was a big deal for the self described procrastinator and his long-time girlfriend. When a small character home caught Jeff's eye, she knew they had to move fast. Excited ab

  • HLILI-207H
    Gerard, Laka and their son Adonai live in a small home. At 6 feet tall, Gerard realized he made a mistake when they moved in. The ceiling height and lack of space forces him to spend much of his time in the basement, where he can stand tall

  • HLILI-113H
    When Kyra first bought her duplex, she loved the idea of renting out the upstairs apartment. But after marrying Mike and having Tasha, it's no longer ideal. There are two kitchens, two staircases and way too much wasted space. Designer Hila

  • HLILI-303H
    Love It or List It's Eddy and his wife Martine bought their home two years ago with plans to renovate. But Eddy struggles to manage his time between work on the show and work at home. Martine is ready to move out and give Eddy a break. Desi

  • HLILI-107H
    Jamie and Helen love their three-bedroom home, but with another baby on the way and relatives constantly visiting, they need a bigger house. Designer Hilary and Realtor David want to help. Hilary and her team will rework the house to fit th

  • HLILI-313H
    Newlyweds Peter and Holly moved into a fixer-upper with big designer dreams. Holly thought she knew exactly what she wanted from all the design programs she watched on tv. Less than a year after moving in, they realized what a challenge it

  • HLILI-711H
    This 2000 square foot house was Greg and Heidi's first home and already it's become a huge source of stress after only a year. While their 100 year old home may come with a lot of character, it also comes with a lot of problems that have pi

  • HLILI-508H
    With daycare, dwindling space, and sleep deprivation fueling domestic debate, Kim and Brad find themselves more divided than ever. Designer Hilary and Realtor David are here to save this pair from their downward spiral. Hilary and her team

  • HLILI-504H
    Luke and Leva loved their character-filled home when they first bought it for their growing family. But after two decades, and three kids moving off to college, they have a surplus of space. Despite their agreement on their large home, Luke

  • HLILI-112H
    Victoria and Scott fell in love with their victorian home when they first moved in. But after having two kids, they've realized its not quite working out. Not only are they short on bedrooms, but the kitchen is completely dysfunctional. The

  • HLILI-312H
    Steve and Jennifer bought a 90-year-old fixer-upper for its location near Steve's family. Half-done renovations and multi-purposed rooms have the couple frustrated with their home. Designer Hilary and realtor David are ready to help the cou

  • HLILI-208H
    Chris and Stephanie bought what looks like the perfect home, but once inside problems are everyhwere. After five years, and having a baby, they're not sure about the future of their house. Designer Hilary and Realtor David are ready to help

  • HLILI-510H
    Fourteen years ago, Paul and Kate found the perfect fixer upper. But after having triplets, another child, and a dog, their 110-year-old, 4-bedroom house is stretched to its absolute limits. Frustrated with the malfunctioning main floor, a

  • HLILI-609H
    Partners Sandra and Sharon were not quite on the same page when they moved their two teens into this 2,000 square foot bungalow. Sharon loves the house and wants to make it work, but Sandra is over it and is ready to move on. The family is

  • HLILI-812H
    When Stephanie and Peter first purchased their 2200 square foot suburban house, it was perfect for these first time homeowners. But now they have a child and Stephanie's father has moved in with them. On top of the four people living in the

  • HLILI-902H
    After a frustrating house hunt, new parents Allison and Robert thought they lucked out on finding a quaint 1200 square foot home in a prestigious neighborhood. But after moving in, Allison saw their house in a whole new, negative light. Sh

  • HLILI-911H
    When Robin and his son Sam joined Kelly and her son Jonah in Kelly's 1,000 square foot house, things became tight very quickly. Kelly loves their neighborhood and doesn't have any issues with their boxy ranch, however Robin feels they need

  • HLILI-804H
    One year ago, Ron and Mishelle bought this five generation, century old home from his parents. Ron loves the legacy home, but Mishelle misses their bungalow in the city. Soon after she agreed to move in, the classic conflicts between city g

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When a house no longer feels like home, homeowners are left with a big financial and emotional question: renovate or sell it? Love It or List It helps fed-up homeowners decide. In each hour-long episode Realtor David Visentin and designer Hilary Farr compete for the homeowners' final decision to stay or go. David's insider perspective on the real estate market helps target listings to prospective buyers, but Hilary is determined to show homeowners that, within their budget, she can transform their worn-out house into a castle they can love. If the owners decide to list it, Hilary's hard work adds to the home's resale value. It's a tough decision either way. Which choice would you make?

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