Reunited Family Friction

Episode HLILI-606H

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  • October 13, 2014

    2:00 PM e/p

Thirty years ago, Jeff and Sandra bought a charming city home together. After divorcing, having children, and eventually reuniting, they've moved back into the same house together. Now even though there are two kids who desperately need their own space, Sandra is sticking to her guns about staying in this pint-sized place. Divided on the diagnosis, this pair is in sync on what's not working. Fed up with cramped quarters, broken bathrooms, a closed off kitchen and insufficient storage, Sandra and Jeff are wondering if they can ever love their home again. Arriving right on cue are competitors Hilary and David. Designer Hialry and her team will renew the love for this residence with a meaningful makeover. Reatlor David will attempt to sway this pair into an improved place to call home.