Lakeside Bungalow

Episode HLILI-904H

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  • October 25, 2014

    1:00 PM e/p

  • November 03, 2014

    11:00 PM e/p

  • November 03, 2014

    2:00 AM e/p

Chelsea and Brian found a lakeside bungalow and fell in love with the view. But it wasn't long before Brian started seeing things more clearly on the inside of the house. Brian is fed up with the lack of space and the problems in the basement, while Chelsea is content in their small lakeside bungalow, blinded by her love of the view. Wedging themselves into this already cramped conflict are Realtor David and Designer Hilary who are more than ready to accept the challenge. Hilary and her team are determined to make this house function and to create more space, but David hopes to find this couple a larger home and a view. Desperate for a property that can bridge the gap between function and location, Chelsea and Brian will have to decide- can they love their home again or will they list it?