Front Door Fiasco

Episode HLILIT-107H

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  • September 29, 2014

    1:00 PM e/p

David and Geneva bought their fixer-upper in search of more room for their growing family. But four years later, the renovations are still not completed and Geneva is fed up. David, on the other hand, thinks all the house needs is a little more work and it could be the perfect home for their now family of four. But one of the main problems with the house starts at the front door... if you can even find it. The home's address is on one street, but their "front entrance" is on another street. On top of that, much of the home is cold, and there's a lack of privacy--the kids' room is attached to the master bedroom. Fed up with the dysfunctional layout that lacks a proper front entrance, David and Geneva call upon experts Jillian and Todd for some much needed solutions. Jillian and her design team will transform their house into an open concept oasis, while Todd will convince the family it's time for a new home. In the end, will they love it or list it?