A Place for the Parents

Episode HLILIT-110H

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  • September 29, 2014

    2:00 PM e/p

When Brian and Teresa bought their large family home eighteen years ago, they fell in love with the spacious layout, great location and million-dollar view. But after the kids left home, their spacious dwelling soon became a dumping ground for all of Brian's hobbies. Now Brian wants to add even more to the home: Teresa's parents. But on top of problems in the main level of the home, the basement suite is more suited for their college age son than their elderly family. To make sense of it all, enter competitors designer Jillian and realtor Todd. Jillian and her team will bring function to this spacious home once again, while Todd believes it is time to downsize and retire without the worry of a huge property upkeep. Done with trying to find function in an oversized, overstuffed home, empty nesters Brian and Teresa will have to decide: will they love their home or will they list it?